Kathleen Lewis

Financial Planner and Small Business Owner in Eight Mile Plains, QLD

Kathleen Lewis

Financial Planner and Small Business Owner in Eight Mile Plains, QLD

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Predominantly, I look at how I can change peoples lives.

In the morning of someones life - adults from age 21-45 we have strategic conversations with clients about what really matters in their lives. Do they have children, are they considering the education of their children. Do they have a mortgage, are they protected if theunthinkable were to happen.

I seek to change peoples perception of what it is that matters to them.

For those in the prime of their lives - age 45-65 we start to have the conversation about longivity. We live in a world where the morbity age is increasing thanks to modern medicine.

Financially, this is significant. I say that for the first 50 years of someone's life, I am protecting them financially, from dying.

For the next 50 years of their life, I am telling them they need to be able to fund their retirement to age 100 and above - because they won't die. This is also important for the intergenerational transfer of wealth - If your parents aren't dying until theage of 100, then you will not receive an inheritance until age 70.

There are three investments we can make - property (houses), Shares (either direct or managed), and Education - this is ongoing in everyones lives, and can change someones financial tragectory.

We help those who are in the sundown of their lives, to put in place strategies which willprovide a buffer to volatile Investment markets.This is done with care and pride.

We pride ourselves on being accessible, and providingholistic advice.

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    • Ark Financial Planning
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    • Kaplan - Graduate Diploma Finnacial Planning
I have known Kathleen (Kath) Lewis for approximately 8 years, when she joined the MLC Dealer Group as an office assistant in a small financial planning firm. Over that time I have seen Kath grow to a successful self assured well grounded Financial Planner that employs 4 people and throughout that time stayed true to herself and her belief that she is here to help.
Karen Benfield, Paraplanner, P2A
Kath’s knowledge and skill and commitment to us as clients has helped us not only reach our goals, but also expand our real estate portfolio and secure a greater piece of mind for our future and that of our children.
C Myler
Kathleen consistently goes above and beyond in her duty as a Financial Planner to ensure everyone receives exemplary service. Kath understands any business needs to be about numbers, but it is the satisfaction she gets when a client has been able to turn their life around that keeps her committed to the cause.
R Whitehead
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